Life Force Clearing Process

     Gary Bettum has studied many clearing and healing modalities,
and a wide range of philosophies, psychologies, religions, teachers and systems. 

He was amazed to find virtually no definitive, verifiable way to completely clear unwanted emotional, mental, or spiritual “baggage”, and get aligned and in integrity with what is really your truth and your love in life, and be able to move forward joyfully and confidently. 

Certainly, there was much wisdom and many wonderful hints along the way, but he wanted something that really worked all the time, and was completely verifiable.  
Through much research, testing, and the grace of Spirit, he got it.

He is a spiritual person and yet also a very grounded and practical person.
Gary tested this process at length before presenting and sharing it with the public. 
His experience in facilitating Life Force Clearing Process Sessions has been amazing,
as has the feedback he's gotten from all of his clients!

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