Life Force Clearing Process
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Corona Virus Update - Clearing on the Emotional and Spiritual levels in these trying times!

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     The Life Force Clearing Process is a method for clearing often long standing or stubborn issues,
problems, dilemmas and upsets and creating  positive changes in your life!

     Most of the people who use this process are facing a major life issue or turning point,
yet it can be used for more minor  challenges as well. 
Clients often report amazing results from a 2 – 3 hour session,
feeling they have lifted years of negativity from their minds and hearts. 

Within days I often get calls about how entire situations have turned around in amazing and powerful ways.

     Process developer Gary Bettum will facilitate your private session. 

     What people really love about this process is the definitive knowing that they have truly cleared a
  deep or particularly intense issue, moved through their resistance and
find themselves ready and eager to move forward in their lives!

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